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Zinc Anodes

        Christmas Closing Times

Auckland: 21st December 2018 at 12pm and reopening 7th January 2019
Wellington: 21st December 2018 reopening 14th January 2019
Christchurch: 21st December 2018 at 12pm and reopening 9th January 2018

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Lead Products

  Dektite EPDM Pipe Flashings Stop Leak Flashing Tape
  Solders & Flux Silver Brazing Alloys
  Zinc Anodes (Sacrificial Marine) Extrusions
  Electroplating Anodes Antifriction (Bearings) Metal
  Specialty Metals & Alloys   Silicon Sealants
  Tuffblock Plascourse  
  Malthoid DPC Diamond wrap
  Builders Film D-Lead
  Deks Wraptite  
Distribution: Lead, Flashings, Dektite, Solder, Silver Brazing Metals Trading

O'Briens Plumbing; Mico Plumbing; Plumbing World; Plumbing Plus; Reese; Carters; Placemakers; Bunnings; Chesters; ITM
DLM has access to a large range of metal commodities with its ties to AMC Group and other metal producers. They can source any requirements for products such as ballast, elementary metals i.e.. tin, lead, zinc and their alloys, copper alloys, brasses, etc. DLM also produce specialty alloys to order. Contact
Distribution: Zinc Anodes, Extrusions, Electroplating, Metals, Alloys  
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Dektite Acrylead See our Flashguard product page Zinc Anodes Codemark