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Stop Leak Flashing Tape

Stop Leak Flashing Tape is a plyester fused aluminium foil coated with thick Butyl rubber adhesive used for weathersealing joints and seams.

Uses include repairs to roofing, guttering, downpipe or water tank tops, sealing joints around skylights, doors or adjoining building surfaces and weathersealing seams in caravans, trucks, toolsheds etc. Stop Leaks is not a permanent solution in replacing existing weather flashing on the home.

Stop Leak Flashing Tape is paintable and one of the most versatile repair tapes available.


Permanent seal
Easily molded in to place
Adheres to most substrates
5 sizes available
Handy pack range

Danco Flashband 820/822 Flashtapes

Self-adhesive sealing strip that bonds
instantly to provide a watertight seal

Aluminium foil backing with bitumous mastic
and paper release liner. Instant, permanent and
watertight, bonds to a wide range of substrates.
Ideal for a wide variety of construction applications
including permanent repairs to all types of gutters
and flashings. Easily applied.


Quick and easy application by hand.
No special equipment required for cutting, forming or fixing.
Proven performance in NZ conditions for over 30 years.
Bonds to a wide variety of building materials.
Provides lasting protection in all climates.

Danco 820

Danco 830 Pure Aluminium Foil Tape

Provides a flexible migration barrier between
bituminous materials and construction sealants

A 30 micron pure aluminium foil coated with a rubber adhesive
and a paper release liner. DANCO 830 offers excellent thermal
insulation and heat reflection properties. Suitable for use in the
HVAC and construction markets. Ideal for sealing foil lined insulation
products in fire rated areas and joining and fixing pipe/duct work.


Fully synthetic rubber resin based adhesive.
UV and ozone resistant.
Excellent water vapour barrier.
Conformable, durable and easy to work with.
Excellent thermal reflection properties.
High adhesion to foils for strong overlap joints.

Leak Seal Tape

An open weave polyester reinforced fabric tape
with Butyl adhesion.

Used for waterproofing and sealing joints, cracks and
gaps in most building substrates in conjunction with
waterproofing membranes.