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The essential way to flash and seal pipe penetrations through most roof sheet profiles

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Dektite Premium DektiteŽ Premium
The essential way to flash and seal pipe penetrations through most roof sheet profiles
Dektite Premium Solar DektiteŽ Premium Solar
Perfect for flashing pipes and cables on any roof type.
Dektite DektiteŽ Shingle
Perfect for flashing pipes and cables on shingle roofs.
Fast Flash Fast Flash
Quick weatherproof flashing for almost all roof types.
Dektite® Combo
Flash over or around. A standard Dektite and Retrofit all in one
Dektite® Flatseal
For flat and low pitch roofs
DektiteŽ Soaker™
The fastest and easiest way to flash on low pitch and deep profile roofs - without risk of damming
Retrofit Soaker™
The'quick fix' solution to flashing large pipe installations on low pitch or deep profile roofs
Dektite® Retrofit™
The fastest way to flash existing penetrations on metal roofs
Acrylead Tileflash™
For concrete, clay tile and slate roofs
Dektite® Aluminum
The safe & versatile solution for metal, tile and stone chip tiles
Dekstrip® Flashing
With the amazing patented stretch edge
Dektite® Warranty
20 year warranty
Top Hat Roof Penetration Kit
For use with air conditioning units, heat pumps and solar panels
Flexible lead free roof flashing
Lead free alternative to suit all tiled roof flashing applications

 Flexible cone sleeve
 Low profile design
 Bonded aluminium flange
 Large base area
 Ultimate weathetite seal
 Installed without soldering, skilled
 labour or special tools
 Made from world-class rubber
 Tough against weather and UV
 Suit wide range of pipe sizes

Dektite® resist ozone and UV light damage, and retains full flexibility under temperatures from -50 degrees C to 115 degrees C, and up to 150c degrees C intermittently.

EPDM - Perfect for approved flues!
Dektite® EPDM polymer flashing have been officially tested by the Coal Corporation of Victoria, Australia and conform to all Australian and UK Standards on approved flue systems. Under no circumstances should any polymer flashing be installed on a non approved flue or an 'active' combustion heater flue.

Can a Dektite® Flash a Square Pipe?